‘’For the life of the flesh is in the blood’’.

blood3Every day every hour, there are people in hospital theatres and operating rooms undergoing surgical procedures; some very traumatic such as in the instances of accidents and others are scheduled like surgeries to corrects defects or incase of bodily damages which result from the prevalence of diseases such as kidney transplant. When these surgical procedures are carried out, massive blood loss results and the basic way of replenishing it is through blood transfusion.

Tyler Tyler
Only vampires love other people’s blood.

Megan Megan
Blood is that a very sweet juice.

David David
I’d love going out with you but that statement is so scary.


blood2 060505-N-2832L-056But not all patients appreciate blood from donors or other blood products due to personal concerns about the presence of diseases and pathogens in the donor’s blood. Moreover, beliefs both traditional and religious may prevent a person from seeking external blood such as the case of believers of Jehovah Witness Christian denomination. That said, such patients will always yearn for bloodless medicine.

Betty Betty
There are some people whose blood I’d love to have running in my system..

Talking Moose
Talking Moose
Lovely creatures like me, right?


bloodBloodless medicine entails medical procedures and methodologies which are designed to monitor, protect and enhance the regulation and efficiency of the already existing blood supply of the patient undergoing a surgical procedure. For patients undergoing traumatic situations the bloodless techniques may involve special procedures during surgery or collection and reuse of the blood lost during surgery, while for patients whose surgical procedures are planned earlier, they may have to undergo some special dietary plans or medications which are geared towards ensuring that minimal blood will be lost during their surgical procedures.

Tanya Tanya
What was that religion again?


pnbcThis website was initially belonged to a medical group of physicians and nurses who were committed to the education and research of blood conservation through a body called Physician and Nurses for Blood Conservation hence PNBC.
Their mission was;

PNBC has established and intends to continue to develop a national network of blood conservation programs that will provide education on, and evaluate the safe and cost-effective use of blood, blood products and available alternatives. Specifically, PNBC will:

  • Conduct research that will provide insight into appropriate alternatives to blood transfusion.
  • Provide evidence-based education to health care professionals and patients about blood, blood products, and available options to optimize patient care and minimize the demand for blood and blood products.

Unfortunately they operated the website from mid 2002 only to neglect it in 2008 and they let it expire. When I found the lost domain, my love for preserving life made me pick it up and I will be creating content which will enlighten and educate people about blood conservation. We all have a duty to preserve life as humans and to learn more about this, just read the article below which I found from their previous website. They really had amazing content that you will love